Thursday, December 08, 2005

Piano Recital

Ok, so we're halfway through my crazy week and I'm still breathing. Today I just need to work, hope my package from UPS beats me home, pull the contents out of the package and create a gift basket with them and get to the meeting by 6:30. Oh and sometime between now and then I have to think of what to do take for the potluck. Anyone want to take bets as to whether I make it on time?

After a little recital hiatus caused by illnesses, broken fingers and summer camp, Joshua finally performed at the piano recital. I have to admit I thought it was pretty cute when we walked in the door and two or three girls uttered a shocked "Josh?!" Apparently they didn't know he played the piano. And since they were all in a play and had to leave early, I suppose they still don't know that he can play the piano.

The recital was interesting. I don't think I really noticed the difference in the music he plays, compared with the other students, as much as I did last night. First of all, he was one of two boys. The other, much younger boy, played March Militaire. A very strong, boyish piece of music that Josh played a few years ago. The girls played all of these light, peaceful songs, filled with parts where they used the pedals; and then there was Josh. He played a waltz, Good King Wencelas and Pink Panther. The music thundered through the room. He has gotten more mature with his playing and he fluctuates through his "pianissimo" and "forte," but still it thunders. It is all boy. It is masculine. The teacher does a beautiful job of picking music that suits the student.

The other thing that stood out for me was the level of difficulty of the music. I love to look at the music as the students place it on the piano. I am often surprised by how a simple arrangement sounds so beautiful. Every student shined because they were able to master the level of music they played. I was also shocked to realize that Joshua played some of the more difficult pieces. The teacher has told him over and over throughout the years that he has incredible talent.... if only he would practice. I think he finally understood that for the first time last night. One can only hope that that realization will translate into more practice.
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