Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Display

I know you can't tell by the lack of posts, but I've actually been stamping like crazy! I guess I just have a hard time updating my website, updating the blog, working, creating... I think I need a secretary.

I've actually been having a ton of fun and trying to move my business through some minor growing pains. My crops have been full and fun! Everyone has really embraced the fun new themes and it's made it more entertaining. The only drawback is that I've had to turn people away. I just hate to turn people away! So I've been looking for new locations, lenthening the time and contemplating adding another day. For now I've got permission to hold a crop at church for my church friends, so that should help. This month is our first month, so we'll see if that fixes things for now.

My other fun exciting project is....a new display!! I don't really carry "inventory," but I always have a few things on hand.... I just don't have a way to display them so that people know what's for sale. I also plan to do some fundraising crops and want to be ready to be a vendor at a crop or craft fair....so I started doing some research.

Thankfully I wasn't swayed by "someone" telling me that their display cost $5000. It was cool, but there is no way it cost $5,000. Instead of making me drop it, I had to research it. Low and behold, I found that I could do what I wanted for less than $100.

I purchased two pieces of 5 foot by 2 foot gridwall, pegs and a basket. Currently it's set up in my living room and I've been having fun organizing all the items I have for sale and adding them to the "wall." I can hardly wait to "unveil" it at the next crop. I feel so dang organized.

Here's a picture of a similar display. This one is a bit taller and contains a lot more panels.

Well, I'm outta time...gotta run!

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