Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm Back....

Sorry for the long blogging break. We had a little family emergency that kind of sidetracked me and then I went away to girls camp. But I'm back. I've done my laundry. Took a couple of naps and I'm slowly putting my house back in order. Hopefully I'll be stamping and crafting by the end of the week.

Girls camp was amazing! We had a wonderful time. I had so much fun with all of our girls. It's amazing to take girls ages 12-18 with completely different personalities and interests and thow them together for 5 days/nights. You learn how to get along, find common interests and you stretch yourselves farther than you thought possible.

I am so incredibly proud of all of our girls. Each one of them made great progress throughout the week.

But now I'm home and I'm trying to adjust to....

Gaining four pounds while I was gone! What the heck? It doesn't seem physically possible. I did not pig out. I walked up and down the hill so many times that my quad's were sore for the first few days. Dear sweet hubby is positive that it's water weight and it will disappear soon. I hope he's right. I'm feeling a bit skeptical though. I dropped two pounds right away... the other two appear to be hanging on. Soooo not fair!!!!

The heat! It was gorgeous and sunny and comfortable in the mountains. It's hot and muggy here. Makes it hard to get back into working out at home. It's also hard to find time to work out when hubby is here. I just want to play and hang out at home with him. School and seminary start next week, so I'll be back on track with my walking 5 days a week. I guess I can slack off a little this week.

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