Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Local Food? Fresh Food?

Woo Hoo! Last night was a happy gym night. I got one of my favorite machines and happily sweated away. Now if only I could remember to take my ipod with me. No gym today. It's youth group at church tonight and we're heading to the beach.

I have been fascinated lately with an interesting blog called No Impact Man. I find myself in the middle of the road on the whole global warming, consumer waste issue. I can see strong arguments on both sides of the issue. I tend to be wary to firmly state my opinions in such a public place because I know that I am willing to learn and grow and what I believe today, might be different tomorrow. With that being said, here are some of the things I have been thinking about and pondering.

I am LDS (aka Mormon). We believe in the Word of Wisdom (WOW), which is a kind of health code. Most people know that we don't drink alcohol, coffee or tea and many think it also includes caffeinated sodas. (I drink diet peps1) What is less well known is that it also says that we should eat meat sparingly and eat foods in season. Having that background, I have found the whole eating locally movement very interesting. I have enjoyed reading about how No Impact Man has been adjusting his lifestyle and I find myself contemplating ways I can incorporate some of the same things in my life.

There is no doubt in my mind that it is healthier to eat less processed foods. I have only been back on ww for about two weeks and I can already feel a difference. I have more energy. I feel stronger and healthier. I still eat some processed foods like frozen meals, but I have also incorporated a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables. Face it, when you're hungry and you have a choice between 5 or 6 little crackers that you can inhale in less than a minute, or an apple... apple wins.

So here are some things I have pondered:

Is it better to pack a lunch in a reusable container which has to be washed, or put veggies in little snack bags?

Is it better to make multiple trips to the grocery store to purchase fresh ingredients or use energy to keep frozen foods frozen?

If I were to use reusable grocery bags, could I actually remember to take them to the grocery store? How many should I buy? Is carrying them around in my car going to annoy me?

And is there some kind of remedial course I could take that would teach me how to keep fruit and veggies longer? What makes celery wilt? Where should I store mushrooms? (love them, but it's a constant battle to use them up before they get slimy? Do the drawers in the fridge that say "low moisture" and "high moisture" really work? Which food goes in which? What if I switched the placement of the drawers at some point in time?

And that's just the surface of all of my questions. Feel free to comment and leave suggestions... but please.... no preaching or critisizing.
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