Tuesday, July 17, 2007

DVR Blues

I'm singing the broken DVR blues. Sunday I hit pause on the dvr and went to go start a load of laundry. When I came back the dvr was rebooting and going through it's software update. When it was done, the recording disk no longer worked. I called the cable company last night and we went through all their diagnostics and they tried to revive it, but sadly, it looks like it's a lost cause.

My schedule is busy this week and I can't meet them until Thursday. Oh the drama!! I have forgotten how to watch tv without pause, rewind, fast forward and record. Josh and I keep picking up the remote and pretending like we're pausing or fast forwarding. It seems like such a waste of time when I have to sit through commercials. And then there's the fact that I rarely sit through them. I usually play a game with myself where I have to go clean during commercials... then I get sidetracked and forget to go back and I miss crucial plot points. Oh woe is me....

What will I do without So you think you can Dance? I'm not sure I even know when it actually starts. I usually just watch it whenever I get home.... And shh... don't tell... but I actually watched an episode of Big Brother and then set the DVR to start taping it...

Oh well... I guess I just might have to get a life and ignore the tv for a while.

There is one silver lining. The new dvr won't be set to tape all of hubby's shows. "Oh, so sorry honey, no discovery channel shows for you. Darn. Shucks."

Bwa ha ha ha haaaaaa (One could think I sabotaged said DVR just so that I could record chick flicks and Oprah instead of Dirty jobs and discovery channel)
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