Monday, July 09, 2007

Live Earth Love and a mini rant

I'm sure I never really enjoyed the experience when I was growing up, but for some reason whenever the sun is streaming in the windows and I have music playing, I remember Saturday morning cleaning sessions at home. Even now, when I write about it, I can almost smell the pledge and hear Diana Ross, The Carpenters, Judy Collins, Elvis and many more that I can't remember. Mom always loved music and pretty much anything was fair game in our house. Well, except maybe Rock. I think rock was reserved for Dad's car. Dad was the Eagles, Pat Benatar,

I guess that's where I get my eclectic taste. I'll listen to just about anything. I never dismiss an entire genre of music.... so Live Earth was definately my "cup of tea."

This Saturday I turned on Live Earth and the sun was shining in the windows and before I knew it, I was cleaning like a mad woman! I went through boxes of junk and did some major decluttering. It felt so good! I absolutely loved all the different music and bands that came on throughout the day. I absolutely loved the scientist band in Antarctica - Nanutuk. I loved all the different stages featuring recycled materials and all the "green" tips that were shared throughout the day. It was a fun music loving, cleaning house day....

Well except for Melissa Etheridge... she completely annoyed me and her tirade about democracy was completely out of place. This was not about America or American politics and while I don't entirely agree with everything the movement was about... I do feel there are many areas where we can all improve. I learned many useful tips that I will incorporate into my life and felt the "Live Earth Love" and was being succesfully indoctrinated until she came out and spewed her ridiculous comments. Then I started wondering... hmm... if I unplug my charger from the wall when it's not being used....would it even make a dent in all the waste that she and her buddy Al Gore generate? I wonder how much his son wasted on his 105 mph jaunt when he was "wasted."

And... I wonder if she even thought about the fact that if everyone sat around relaxing in the 80's instead of working "too hard" and dreamt about ways to build flying cars... would we have had all the incredible medical advances that saved her life? Me thinks it's probably a good thing all the doctors were working hard instead of sitting around in hemp clothes smoking pot and dreaming about ways to save the environment." I would say maybe it wasn't... but the same advances that saved her life have saved many others too and I wouldn't dream of saying it wasn't worthwhile.
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