Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday Night Gym Woes

So what is the deal with Mondays and the gym? Does everyone go crazy on the weekend and then run to the gym on Mondays to try to undo the damage? Other days are busy, but Mondays are unbearable! I got to the gym at 5:40 and there was not one single treadmill or elliptical available. Not only were they all full, but I was not the only one waiting. I hate the treadmill, but I was desperate enough that I jumped on as soon as one was open....only to find out that I must've avoided the treadmill for a VERY long time. They have all new treadmills and I could not figure it out.

Call it pride, but I did not want anyone to think this was my first time at the gym, so I quickly pushed the quick start button like I knew what I was doing and I started walking. I guess you could call it walking. At one mph it felt more like I was filming a scene in slow motion. Hmmm..maybe this is just the warm-up and it will slowly increase speed. One minute later and I am still going 1 mph. I start pushing buttons. Where is the stinking speed button? The girl on the treadmill next to me seemed fun and she was chatting with the girl next to her so I sucked it up and said "ok, I'm a dork and I never use the treadmill. How do I increase the speed?"

Turns out I'm a good judge of character. She and her friend were both hiliarious and they showed me the BIG GIANT button. I'm not kidding it was HUGE!!!

I lasted 10 minutes on the torture device and went to stand in line for my friend the elliptical. I wish I could say it was a better experience.

Why is it that we have a whole row of brand new treadmills and yet it looks like we also accumulated a bunch of old style ellipticals? I hate the Life Fitness ellipticals and love the Precor ones...guess which one I got.

Let's hope Tuesday works out better!
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