Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Update

My weekend didn't quite go as planned and I ended up forgettting to take pictures of my projects, so that's on my list of things to do tonight...

Instead I filled my weekend up with other things...

1) Josh is on the final stretch for his Eagle project, with no time to spare. Then we got the bad news from his MRI. He has a torn medial miniscus. Poor kid!! It kind of took the wind out of his sails and he wasn't feeling too motivated when he found out. He needed a little extra mom time to help him stay focused on the Eagle...when his heart was breaking because this probably means he won't be able to go to CIF for track...

But, we got a lot done and hopefully he'll finally get his project approved so he can get going.

2) I made a bunch of cute invitations for a party for our girls at church.

3) I got to visit with a friend who lives out of state.

4) I got rid of two boxes of stuff from the house!!!! The purging continues!!!!

5) I started reading the book "You on a Diet" by Roizen and Oz. Great, great book!! It's funny and informative and I am loving it. It makes learning about the body and how it works, interesting.

6) I haven't posted much on the weight loss front because my injuries have sidelined me. Good news is that, as of this morning, I am down 4 pounds from when I got back on track. Let's hope it wasn't one of those crazy scale fluctuations! Sadly, I have a few to go to get back to where I was..... that darn Easter candy and self-pity mode!
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