Friday, April 04, 2008

Stamp Room Organization

I have a new plan of attack. When you don't have time to stamp or create or take pictures of what you have stamped or created...whip out your camera and take pictures of things you've already done..

And so.... I give you pictures of my organizing projects from this weekend. I literally pulled the camera out of my purse and took these shots in less than a minute... Maybe this weekend I'll find time to put up my photo tent and take pictures of other fun stuff...
This is a portion of my Ikea shelving unit with a few of my buckets. The two that say CTMH paper have all of my Close To My Heart cardstock and retired texture paper, by color. I have a separate bag for each of the colors and I keep all the scraps in the bag. I have had them sorted alphabetically and by season in the past. Each way had it's benefits. Now that we no longer sell texture paper by color, my stash has decreased and I'm down to 3 buckets, from 5...the neutrals bucket is not pictured.
Current projects - I mentioned this in a previous post. I have bags with each of my current album projects and I have the paper, stickers, etc. for the projects all together.
And here are my stamps!!!! I am soooo excited about this section, mostly because it is totally done... There's a reason you only saw a portion of my other shelves...hahaha... it's still a work in progress.
I sorted the stamps like they are in the catalog. I had to group a couple of categories together...and some....had to be in two baskets...
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