Monday, March 31, 2008

Project Organization

I got a lot of organizing and cleaning done in my stamp room!!! It's finally starting to take shape.

I've been purging a bunch of retired items and non-CTMH stuff. You know..... you see a slab on sale and think it's THE most awesome deal of the century, but you only use a few sheets and then you get frustrated because it doesn't match ...or you don't like the rest of the patterns..... Well, my room was overflowing and bursting at the seams and I've finally decided to just purge it all!!!!!

I've been working on it for weeks, but it's finally starting to show. I took one of my empty buckets/spots in my shelving unit and turned it into the "Stamp Camp" cube. I put all the fun little goodies I've purchased for camp in the bucket and I started working on some goodies...

Which leads me to this picture.... These are little 1" squares of all 60 CTMH colors. It's a project for me and a goodie for the girls going to stamp camp in May...and that's all I'm saying for now....

I also made a cubby/basket for current album projects. I have three main albums that I'm trying to work on and finish right now.

Josh's Scout album - hopefully he'll be finishing up that Eagle soon, so I want his album ready for the ceremony

Josh's Europe album - want to finish it before he forgets what went with what.

Church YW album - I have a bunch of pictures from YW and a bunch of girly layouts I've done for I'm going to put the YW pictures on the layouts. Pretty smart eh?

So.. in the bucket I have a large ziptop (CTMH) bag with all the papers/stickers etc. that I pulled for the album and I have another ziptop bag with all the photos and keepsakes. As I've been cleaning and purging I keep running across items that will go with the albums and I just put it in....makes me sooooo stinkin happy! The organization makes it easier to feel creative. I know I can pull out the bags and immediately start scrapping whenever I have time... Love it!!
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