Thursday, March 06, 2008

Coluzzle Tutorial

Ok, so yesterday was Wednesday and that means no time for stamping! I'm taking an online class and assignments and quizzes are due on Wednesday night. So of course, I procrastinate and wait until um... Wednesday night to get it done. I'm really not sure why I wait until the last minute. I absolutely love the class and I love the homework. It's managerial accounting and I'm just a big ole numbers geek. It makes me happy when things balance.....

But I'm thinking that you don't REALLY want to hear about my accounting class... You probably want to see my latest video.

Here's the second video Josh and I made - It's coluzzle time! Be forewarned, this is just a little snippet of the things you can do with a coluzzle. I'm sure I will have more videos with tutorials for actual projects, but this is a little help to get you started with the coluzzle.

Thank you for all the great emails about the videos! Please feel free to leave comments here too. I really will take requests for future tutorials.

I'm thinking my next one might be a blast from the past... a cute little Easter/goodie basket using... the March Word Puzzle of course.

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