Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Thoughts...

My shoe life has become quite dreary. Every day I wear my black tennis shoes to work and white tennis shoes at home. No sandals. No heels. Just black and white. I'm not sure why I still paint my toes.

Then I had to add the lovely black boot to the apparel. Now it's black shoes, black socks to work. White shoes and one white sock and one black sock at home. (Gotta wear a black sock with the boot, you know...)

I thought I was being practical and smart.

Today, I opened the drawer to get my black socks and I saw a lovely blue sock. Hey I'm wearing blue today. Why not wear a blue sock???? And so I did....

Little did I realize how happy that would make me. I love looking down and seeing that little bit of blue peeking out of my boot. It almost makes wearing the boot more fun. I think I may have to coordinate more socks for the next couple of weeks.

And... I'm thinking it's going to be my mission to find some cute shoes that my orthotics will fit for the summer. I didn't realize how depressing it was to wear black tennis shoes and white tennis shoes every day.... (Ok, so I have some black shoes that I wear to church, but hello..they are black and you can't see the painted toes!)

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