Thursday, October 09, 2008

Awesome Women

Ok, I'm weird, but I absolutely love finding out cool things from people I know. I love learning homeopathic remedies, recipes, favorite products, organizing tips.... It's probably why I love reading blogs so much. You find out the coolest things.

I'm not sure why, but the other day I was thinking about how many great friends I have and how they have enriched my life by the cool things they know and love and before I knew it I was writing them down. It was pretty fun and I'm no where near done. I keep thinking of more. Plus there are some friends that entertain me in a variety of ways. It's pretty hard to narrow it down to just one. So, I've decided to make it a new feature on my blog. Periodicaly I'll throw a few from my list together and I'll post them.

Here's my disclaimer: If you know me in real life, rest assured you're probably on my list. You'll just have to keep checking my updates to see when you show up on the blog. There's no particular order. I'll probably choose a few that are relevant at the Anita... I ran out of something that Anita shared with me.

Anita: Pomegranate and Mango Softsoap. She gave me a bottle for my birthday and I absolutely love it!! Anita is also sure to remember the crazy things that just kind of pop out of your the time I told someone that I thought wearing a bra was standard operating procedure. In my defense, it was kind of appropriate at the time and I'm sure everyone else was thinking it. I just happened to actually say it.

And since I've been on a cycling kick... I'll share a couple from my cycling friends

Jane: She doesn’t send emails or type much, but the girl can find a bargain online and it’s sure to be cute and match you and your personality. You could call it a bad thing. I mean she finds deals that you just can’t pass up, so you might find yourself spending money you hadn’t planned on, but I’m still loving my $24 cycling jersey that was normally $75! I think that bargain will be hard to beat. It was only on sale in MY size!! Want a medium? Fork over $75.

Candace: I could list the things that she has shared with me over the years, but I will kind of lump a bunch of them into one category. Want to go out to eat? Call Candace. Not only will she come up with a great idea, but she might even join you. She's kind of turned over a new leaf and she's actually cooking now, so you can also give her a call if you'd like an idea for a healthy meal too. Wait - here's a tip from Candace. I love El Toritos Chicken Caesar Salad. The bottled cilantro dressing? Well, it just isn't the same. It's too thick. The other day she put a little in a bowl and added quite a bit of water. It was VERY runny, but it was awesome!! I got the taste and kept it low-cal.

and now that I've mentioned food....

Jessica – (My sister in-law) I love watching Jessica look at a cookbook and/or talk about cooking or food. She makes it all sound way more exciting than it feels when you’re tired and in the kitchen chopping vegetables. Thanks to Miss Jessica I now make homemade corn bread stuffing and rolls for Thanksgiving.

Teresa – I can’t mention Jessica without mentioning Teresa because Teresa is just as excited and passionate about eastern medicine and acupuncture and herbs and the cool homeopathic things you can do to heal your body. It’s endearing and infectious to listen to her. Love it!

What have you learned from your friends? What do you find endearing about them? Take a minute and think about it. Feel free to leave a few in the comments or send me a link to your blog.
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