Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Stamping AND Cycling in the same post!

I decided to shake things up a bit. Before I start talking about cycling...I'm going to share some stamping. What a novel concept!!

Here's a simple card I made using the October Stamp of the Month Annotations. The paper is from the Magic Moments Paper Pack. I absolutely love this set! It is perfect to add little journaling spots/embellishments to pages and cards. I think it definately goes in the "must have" column. (Sorry about the photography....I seem to be having issues lately...)

And here is a sneak peek from my 14 card holiday workshop in November. Of course I haven't decided what I'm showing at my workshop this Saturday...ooops.... It will be a surprise.

Now can we talk about cycling? Here's a link to a fun blog that Jane shared with me. Velo Vogue I am fascinated with this blog. I think it's because I just can't relate.... Is it even possible to look cute and chic and vogue while riding a bike? Heck, I can't even wear cute shoes when I'm not riding. I wonder what it would be like to put on some heels and pedal around?

Seriously. When I ride my bike, it's a whole production. Not only do I wear cycling gloves, workout wear and tennis shoes; I even take the time to change bras! My life would be so much easier if I didn't have to haul an extra set of clothes with me to work each day. My desk would look better too! Here's the view under my counter.

The lovely plastic bag is my breakfast/lunch, then we have my saddlebag. Mostly it contains clothes, but the pockets have an extra innertube and tools. Next is my front bag aka purse, aka pharmacy (I think it has more meds than "purse" items right now....) and my helmet is on top. You should see me walking in with all of this each morning. It's comical.

I did make one change. It seems I've decided to stop changing my shoes each day. I'm sure my coworkers love the fashion statement. White tennis shoes....lovely.... Apparently I'm too lazy to switch my orthotics around twice a day so if there is any white in my outfit whatsoever, then I think the white tennies match... right?

I think I'm going to make it a goal to wear a skirt while riding some day. Stay tuned! Maybe they will feature me on Velo Vogue.

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