Friday, October 10, 2008

I See You've Been Here

Hubby sent me this picture with a text that said "I see you've been here :-)" I saw the picture and wrote back "it even looks like my smiley."

People ask how we do it. Honestly, this week has been hard. I feel awful and there's nothing I'd like more than to have my hubby home so that he can massage my head and neck, listen to me whine, remind me to take my medicine and take over so I can just sleep and recuperate. Instead of telling Rick all this, I've been grumpy and haven't wanted to chat much with him. Then I almost lost it when I found out he won't be home on Monday, like planned. If you heard that conversation, then you'd realize that some days it feels like we can't do this anymore....

and then he'll send me a cute message like this and I remember all the reasons I love him and how proud I am to be his wife and I get excited because soon he will be home. Soon I will be able to lay down with him and he will massage my neck and make me feel like I am completely safe and loved.

Until then we just have to send silly text messages.
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