Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Let There Be Light....

So I was riding home from work today and it was one of those magical rides when you feel great. I felt strong and energetic and I was totally loving my ride. The weather was absolutely perfect. I was zooming down my big hill and then I heard clunk, clunk, chink, clunk... My front light popped off my bike when I hit a little bump. (must not have been completely locked in...ooops)

I slowed down real fast, pulled over, looked back and so far nobody had run over the light. I quickly walked back up the hill, cringing each time a car came down; hoping nobody would run it over. I ran out to the street, grabbed the light and ran back to the sidewalk. It looked pretty good. My Hello Kitty rub on/decoration was a little worse for the wear though. Sadly the little switch was missing. I kind of glanced around, but it was getting dark and the piece was small and it's a busy street and I needed to get home fast if I was going to do it without a light.

I quickly realized I was not going to make it home before it was just TOO dark to chance it. (I still had my red blinking light, but that doesn't help ME see...or help dorky drivers notice me before they turn Right....right in front of me....grrrrr.......) So I headed to my dad's house thinking maybe I could stick a paperclip or something in it and turn it on.

I made it safely to Dad's but couldn't turn the light on so I called slave boy Josh to come fetch me and spent some time visiting with Dad and Carmen.

Thankfully I bought Josh the exact same light and he's not using it so I asked him to loan it to me. Apparently he wasn't quite ready to part with his light so he compared our lights, took his apart and found out that the "switch" was a magnet!!!! I just have to put my light up next to the magnet for my bike computer and it turns it on!!! How cool is that? I put a spare magnet in my first aid kit for emergencies, but I'm pretty darn excited that my $40 light survived a fall and still works.
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