Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Obsessions

Hubby was home for 9 days! We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves even though during that nine days, he had a 24 hour flu bug and I caught a cold. Fun times! Don't feel too bad for us though, we went to a fun Valentine's Day party and we (the non-drinkers) had a blast at happy hour. Yummy $1 tacos will sucker us in to paying premium prices for fountain drinks anytime. Haha!

Hubby also spoiled me while he was home. He saved up to buy me a kindle, but ended up buying me a new bike instead. It was a tough decision.. kindle...bike...kindle...bike.... I decided to continue on in the fitness regime and go for the beautiful new bike. Sport (aka new bike) and I have been trying to get to know each other. I struggled with the whole toe clip thing and thanks to Jane, decided to give up! I plan to buy clip in shoes/pedals at some point so why stress over figuring out how to use the toe clips/cages when they aren't going to be there forever anyway. Love that logic!! Especially because now I am excited about riding home...instead of worrying over how many lights I'm going to have to stop at.

And I have a new obsession - Hooping! http://www.hooping.org/ (Like I really needed ANOTHER obsession). It's all good though. I had fun hooping when it was raining and I couldn't ride my bike and it's fun for a quick little workout at home. And there are so many more things you can do with a hula hoop than I ever thought possible. It should keep me entertained for a while. The only bummer is that I haven't found any cool hoop blogs...you know so I can tie a couple of obsessions together.
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