Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Blog Stalker...

Hello, my name is Dawn and I am a Blog Stalker!

When I first started riding my bike I started researching info on the internet. At first I probably googled "does your butt ever stop hurting" or "pain relief for sore muscles." Then I realized I was addicted and I wanted to know anything and everything about cycling and bike commuting and bicycles and touring and....

One of the first cycling blogs I found was Up in Alaska. Jill, the writer, absolutely fascinated me. Here was this girl that would go out on these tremendous bike rides, every day! Not only that, but she rode in EXTREME conditions, like snow! There are pictures of her on her blog with snow/ice on her eyelashes and her eyebrows!!!! She had to pack snacks that could be eaten when frozen. She had to come up with ways to keep her water from freezing. Reading her adventures helped me to realize that every day is a good riding day; no matter what the weather is like. It's hard to wimp out on a ride when you know someone else has to put on three layers of clothes, just to stay warm!

Once I got hooked on her blog, I had to get Jane hooked on her blog. (Candace doesn't read blogs, or we'd make her read it too!)

So here we are, almost one year later and I still check Jill's blog every day.

Well...on Friday night Jane and I went to Happy Hour at Dos Picos with Candace and a bunch of her/our friends. (Candace knows EVERYONE so we get to meet a lot of people because of her.)

Here's a little re-enactment of our conversation....

Candace: "Rick's sister Jane lives in Homer, Alaska and runs a newspaper there."

Dawn turns to Jane (San Diego Jane) and says "Homer? Isn't that where Jill lived and worked when she first went to Alaska?"

San Diego Jane: "I think so!"

Candace: "Come on, I'll introduce you to Jane"

We then proceeded to make complete fools of ourselves by asking Jane if she knew Jill and yes, sir indeed...she did!!! I think the only thing that truly saves us is that this all happened at Happy Hour. Jane from Alaska doesn't know that I don't drink, so she can just assume that a couple of crazy drunk people from San Diego asked about someone they have never even met as if they were best friends.

In all seriousness, Jane from Alaska was very sweet about the whole thing and seemed to think it was really cool that Jill had reached such a wide audience with her blog. She said that Jill was an amazingly talented person, but maybe not quite as outgoing as we are. haha Surprise, surprise... You mean she probably wouldn't have gone up to a complete stranger to ask about another complete stranger? Yeah, we probably shouldn't have done it either...but then I wouldn't have a funny story to share on my blog.

Be careful all of you bike bloggers, I might meet one of your friends at the grocery store!
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