Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pictures from my ride home??

I've been meaning to try and take some pictures on my ride home, but once I get on my bike I never think of it again. But yesterday I remembered... probably because I didn't really ride home.

The other day we (Candace, Josh and I) rode from Alpine to Rancho San Diego. It was so much fun, mostly because it was pretty much all downhill. Notice that I did not say we made a round trip. That's what cars and bike racks and husbands and friends are for.
Well as we went down one particularly fun and fast downhill, I heard something fall of my bike and start bouncing on the ground. Turns out my rear light bounced right off my bike. (I didn't install it, so I'm not sure what happened.) I retrieved the light, but sadly I forgot to put it back on my bike...
So fast forward to Tuesday and.... I unlocked my bike, put my helmet and gloves on, reached back to turn on the light.... No way I can make it all the way home before dark so I called Josh and then I rode back and forth along the back of campus until he retrieved me.
Thankfully it's a beautiful view so I took a couple of pictures....
Of course the whole thing was made funnier by the fact that I had actually forgotten the entire bike in the morning. Yep. Josh put the rack on the car and we drove off. Neither one of us put the bike on the car. Josh figured he either needed to bring me my bike later, or pick me up from he dropped the bike off for me later.... and then picked me up from work anyway. Lovely! I'm so glad we're saving gas!!

Since I didn't actually take pictures on my "ride home" yesterday, I thought I'd take one today. I hope you enjoy it.
What? The view looks the same as yesterday. You're kidding? Could it be because today I forgot my helmet and my gloves?'s that bad folks. I think the cold I've been fighting the last week and half has damaged some brain cells.
There's always tomorrow... I wonder what I'll forget this time?
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