Friday, March 06, 2009

My commute

Ok, so my camera phone isn't quite built to take photos at night so maybe we'll get better photos starting next week when the time changes....but here's a little photo from my commute home...which means I remembered all necessary items to allow me to ride my bike home!!! hallelujah!!!

It was not an easy ride home. The cold I've been fighting for the last two weeks has definately affected my strength. My quads were burning going up the hills. I even had to stop and take a break...something I haven't had to do in a long, long time...
Anyway, I couldn't figure out why there were SO many cars on the road. Where did they all come from? Until I stopped to take a breather and looked across an open field to the freeway.... Yep, that line of cars that you can barely see in my photo is from the freeway. Apparently there was an accident and traffic was backed up quite a ways....
And that's why it's still more fun to ride my bike when my quads are burning....than it is to drive my car home!
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