Monday, July 20, 2009

Am I the last to know?

Hmmm... something wonderful has popped up in my google reader and so now I have to know. Was it always there? Am I just blind? Am I the last to notice?

I'm usually skimming through google reader at a mile a minute. Have five minutes and want to read my cycling stuff. Ready. Set. Go.

Need stamping inspiration so must read CTMH sisters blogs. Ready. Set. Go.

Last week I vaguely recall noticing that someone "liked" something. You know, like in facebook. The little "like" button. But I was in a hurry and on some kind of reading mission and I just barely registered it in my brain.

Finally I thought, I have to find this thing called "like." And have you seen it? It's at the bottom of every post in google reader!! You cannot imagine the joy this brings to my heart. I often feel pangs of guilt because I rarely leave comments on blogs I read in reader. It's just too much trouble to go to the blog. But now, now I can "like" to my heart's content!!! I can tell them I read their entry and I "like" it. Woo Hoo!!

But now enquiring minds want to know... Does it notify the blog owner? Will they know I liked it? or is it just fellow google reader fans that will share that joy?

Great weekend at my house!! A wonderful crop with my tried and true customers that show up even when I haven't been in "stamp mode" and barely made an effort to let people know I was still having a crop. We enjoyed the a/c and fun company and laughter. Great times!!

Josh scored two goals in his soccer game Friday night!

Hubby came home on Friday! (That was a miracle and a story in and of itself. Maybe he'll blog it?!)

And Sunday we went to church and then met some friends at their house in IB and walked down to the sandcastle competition.

I only have a 15 minute break to write this entry so here are the highlights.
  • Cindy said it was 12 blocks to the beach
  • She lies! It was 1.7 miles
  • Candace and I can truly make friends with anyone and jump in strangers cars!
  • I guess that means Candace and I probably only walked 1 mile there.
  • We walked the whole way back and the icepack on my foot is proof.
  • The sandcastles were a little disappointing this year.
  • The crowds were a bit overwhelming.
  • Our friends are hilarious and we had another great adventure with them.
  • Yummy food! Snickerdoodle muffins?
  • Cindy was the hostess with the mostest. (Thank you Darryl and Cindy)
  • Had to go to Otay to drop of Rick's trip packs (so he can get paid!!!)
  • The 125 toll road from Otay costs $4.50.
  • It only took us 24 minutes to get from Otay to El Cajon!!
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