Monday, July 06, 2009

Bike Tour - Day 4

Right before our first hill. This view alone was worth it!

(Wednesday, July 1, 1009)
Today we got ready for the ride back down to Jackson. Remember that "mostly flat" ride the other day that slowly brought us UP to Jackson Lake Lodge? Well today it will bring us "down" to Jackson. But first we have to take care of some hills at the beginning of the ride.

Since we have a tighter time frame today, our guides offered to give us a "bump" (car ride) down to Jenny Lake so we could save some time and start after the "hilly" part. A "bump" was not even an option in my mind. After skipping the last 10 miles the other day, I was anxious to try it. If I ran out of time towards the end of the ride, I'd let them help....but I wanted to see how far I could get.
It wasn't easy, I was sucking wind and I was slow, but I am happy to say that I rode those first 10 miles and loved it. It was beautiful, especially the trail from North Jenny Lake down to South Jenny Lake! I joked around when we pulled into the parking lot and I said "there are no tears at Jenny Lake today!" Turns out nobody really knew I shed a few tears behind those sunglasses the other day.

After a brief restroom stop, we continued on our way. I have to say I definately enjoyed the bike trail much more this time! But then I heard that telltale noise that meant.....flat tire....grrr..... Thankfully I was with Jeannie and Lori and they were anxious to practice some of the skills they learned at the bike maintenance class yesterday. I got the tire off and Lori was happy to inspect the tire. We were almost done when Rose (the Teton tour guide) showed up with the SAG wagon. Good news is that Rose helped me get the tire back on and put the stinkin difficult brakes back on. Bad news? She didn't have the floor pump on the van?!? That meant we could only put in as much air as we could with a hand pump.....and it's virtually impossible to get enough tire pressure that way!! (When I checked my tires the next day...I had 20 lbs. of pressure!)

Again, we were given the option to get a "bump." We were getting to the fun downhill part and we wanted to ride. So after contemplating whether we could make it by 12:30....we hoped on our bikes and went for it. They could always pick us up later... So I rode the last 15 or so miles on an underinflated tire and made it by.......12:15!!! Oh yeah baby!

After a picnic lunch, we loaded all the bikes up on the van and shuttled over the pass to Driggs, Idaho....after a brief stop in Victor for Huckleberry Shakes.

The condos we are staying at are absolutely beautiful. We have washers and dryers and..... our own rooms!!!! Jane is a great roommate, but it sure is relaxing to have my own space. There's a router in the master bedroom, but I haven't been able to connect to the internet. I can plug in directly....but it's not my room, so it's not really convenient. (which is why I'm behind on posting!)

My bedroom at the Condo

The view out the door of my bedroom.
Can't you just picture that pond frozen over in the winter?!

I plan to post laster about all the amazing food we have eaten...but just know that I had some fantastic prime rib and shrimp at this restaurant that was right next to the airport!

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