Sunday, June 28, 2009

Got Bikes?

We got our bikes today. Woo Hoo! So much fun. The best part is that they are hanging out in our rooms with us!! I kind of feel like it's so that we can get to know them. There's probably a more practical reason than that, but I like my reason better. I've been telling my bike that we are in for a fun adventure!

I'm riding a Fuji Silhouette. So far I've only ridden it around the parking lot, but I like it. I love that it has pretty much the exact handlebars that I have on my Schwinn... and believe me, there are a ton of different varieties of handlebars so that's kind of cool. AND... my saddle matches the paint job on the bike. I think little mister Fuji was meant for me. :-)

Jane is riding a Terry Madeline and it is absolutely beautiful! It's a women specific bike and it has a smaller front tire. We've read about the design before, but never seen one. Jane is trying to get used to what it looks like, but she said it "rides like a dream."

By the end of the week we'll either love these bikes, or be grateful to be reunited with our own bikes at home.
Our group seems really nice! We had fun getting to know them at orientation and dinner. We seem to have varying degrees of experience. There are even a few who have done some tours before. Our guides (Patty and Linda) are both great. Very easy going personalities. We had fun chatting with Patty at dinner. Turns out she met one of the guys riding in the Great Divide Race last week! So we had fun talking about different tours and all things cycling. (I'm sure a couple people at our table might be a little scared of me now that they know I'm obsessed with cycling and blogs and know all about the crazy people riding the GDR.)
Well tomorrow is the big day. At 47 miles, it's our longest day. I'm a little nervous to see how well I'm able to keep up. The whole group has to meet up after about 22 miles so that we can enter the Grand Teton National Park together. I'm really hoping that I don't have the entire group waiting on me. :-)

After I posted on the blog last night, we made a late night run out to the street corner.... Turns out there is a live webcam on Town Square so we decided to embrace our inner dorks and go wave to our honeys who have been tracking our every move. Vic and Rick have looked up our tour on the internet, call for constant status updates, check the weather for us and all sorts of other sweet things so we thought they'd enjoy the webcam. I think they might have... both of them saved the screen shots! Too funny! So here's us hanging out on the street corner last night.

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