Monday, June 15, 2009

11 more days...

11 more days and the countdown no longer strikes fear in my heart. I ended up cycling about 70 miles last week. Not bad! I enjoyed it. I wasn't sore. I didn't have to push. It was a nice, easy 70 miles. That means I rode over half the distance I'll be covering on the tour; while working full-time and taking care of all the other things in a full and busy life.... and now I'm excited!!!! I think the additional miles on the tour will push me a bit and help me to feel like I truly accomplished something, but it shouldn't break me. :-)

And with that, I am officially done with training! I have really done all I can do. I'm not going to experience any great gains in strength or endurance over the next 11 days so it's time to just relax, have fun and pack....

Here are my tentative plans:
Drink more water (I am sooo bad about this!!)
No junk food!

Monday - Commute (I'm switching to the longer route, but it's easier 11-12 miles)
Tuesday - Lake Murray (17 miles - 2 laps, plus ride down to the lake)
Wednesday - Commute (11-12 miles)
Thursday - Commute (11-12 miles)
Saturday or Sunday - ?? Maybe a beach ride? I'd like the do the 26 mile ride again.
Monday - Commute (11-12 miles)
Tuesday - Lake Murray (17 miles )
And that's it!!!

We leave next Friday, but I'm going to stop riding on Tuesday. We're supposed to taper back a bit since we're not used to the elevation AND more importantly... I need to wash all my gear and pack it. I forget something almost every I need to make sure I give myself plenty of time to pack everything up. I don't want to forget something because I used it right before the trip.
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