Friday, June 12, 2009

An Easy Ride...

Yesterday Tony dropped Candace and Linda off at my work so they could ride home with me, but we made a few adjustments to my normal commute.

When I plotted and planned my commute, I picked the shortest distance possible. Then I adjusted it to be the shortest/safest route possible. Translated that means that I added an extra hill, but avoid all the traffic in front of the mall and along Broadway.

I have struggled with my route for almost a year now. I can do it, but I would never venture to say that I find it easy. I still haven't truly conquered one of the hills. I have to be having a great day to make it up without stopping.

So after a year of hearing me talk about my commute, Candace decides she wants to ride home with me, but she wants to go a different way. Oddly enough she wanted to avoid one of my downhills. :-)

After discussing and researching it for a couple of weeks, we finally did it yesterday. Oh my gosh, it was so stinkin easy! Seriously!! The alternate route added a couple of miles, but was much easier. Granted, she misses the hardest part of the ride because her house is before the last hill, but still.. Easy...

As soon as we hit downtown Lakeside, I knew we were going to breeze through it in less than an hour. I started saying "Hey, we can go around the Lake." "Hey, let's go down to El Monte."
I tried everything I could to distract them and make them ride further so they wouldn't realize how stinkin easy it was.

Sadly, it didn't work. Now it looks like I've been enjoying a nice leisure ride every day. Sheesh. I think I might have to make them go the other route...just to be fair....

Now I have to decide how dedicated I am. Do I want to go the hard way and get the extra workout...or go the easy way? Hmm.... No one said Bike Commuting was supposed to be hard. I'm not stupid!
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