Saturday, June 27, 2009


So we had this grand plan.... We were going to drive to Yellowstone and see all the sights. We were "just" gonna drive the whole figure eight loop. It only takes a couple of hours, right? We started around 9am and we got back around 7pm. Not bad eh? Well here's where we went....

First we took an interesting route through the Grand Teton National Park, which included a very muddy dirt road. Our white rental car look fabulous now!! We got a sneak peek at where we'll be staying on Monday and Tuesday and it is absolutely breathtaking!!! (My favorite spot from our whole trip today!)
We finally got to Yellowstone, after what seemed like hours of driving and slowly made our way to Old Faithful. We had absolutely perfect timing. We only had to wait 15-20 minutes to see it erupt. It was pretty amazing...and a little stinky! The wind was blowing our way so we enjoyed a little mist too.

When we first walked up, we saw several people enjoying some yummy looking ice cream cones and they were pretty big. Of course, we had to have one. Jane ordered first and very confidently said "Large, swirl please." We both laughed when we saw what a "large" looked like. Thankfully I was able to learn from her mistake and I ordered a small....yummy!

Jane and her large ice cream cone!

After the eruption, we walked along the boardwalks and looked at the other geysers and springs. It was a nice little walk. It felt really good to stretch our legs after being the in car for so long.

After a quick little shopping trip, we were ready to hit the road and continue on the "little" loop. When we decided....we were done. We came, we saw, we enjoyed and we were tired. So we turned around and headed back down to Jackson.

We were both exhausted and had to play games just to stay awake on the ride home. I can't even imagine how we would've felt if we had continued on.

Yellowstone was gorgeous, but it's definately not a one day tour! You'd need several days just to make a dent.

When we got back to Jackson, we went to Bubba's BBQ and had the MOST amazing ribs!!! They were delicious. Good thing we will be riding soon. We need to start working off all the delicious food we have been eating. Tomorrow we check in with the tour and get our bikes fitted!! Woo Hoo!!! Can't wait to share pictures of where we are riding!
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