Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Coming Along...

I've been plugging along and getting as many miles in on my bike as possible...which means I've had to bug multiple groups of friends. :-)

On Saturday Amy, Tim (Tyler in the bike trailer), Rian and I went on a nice little ride down to the beach. It was absolutely beautiful and we had a great time!!!! We're already planning more rides for the future so I'm sure you'll see more pictures of this group.

I'm not sure they'll believe me about starting locations anymore though. For some reason I thought the bike trail started at Fashion Valley. Ooops! I guess I just wanted to add a few more miles on to our excursion. It wasn't that bad so I think they might forgive me.

On Sunday Joshua and I did the 25 mile loop that starts by the Star of India and ends with a ferry ride back from Coronado. We had a great time, but we definately worked hard on that ride. It's a nice flat, easy ride...unless it's windy and boy was it windy.

Josh liked the Osprey nest at Pepper Park. we are under the bridge. We can smile now because we are no longer in the wind!! You may think I exaggerate, but that 19 year old boy in the picture was also "hatin the wind." I even taught him how to draft me so that I could try and give him a break for a while.

This picture just cracks me up. We were almost finished with the ride and I could tell he was trying to take a picture of himself on the bike.... so I sat up super straight and tall to try and make sure I was in the picture. I thought I was being sneaky... turns out I think he was trying to get me in the picture anyway.

So far I've ridden about 60 miles this week. Hopefully I'll squeeze in another 10-20.
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