Monday, July 13, 2009

Laguna Weekend/Mtn. Biking

I read stories all the time about people who go on cycling trips/tours and how hard it is for them to reintegrate back into normal life. I thought I'd have no problems. I was only going on a week long trip, you know... Now that I'm back, I have a better sense of what they are talking about. It's not that I'm having any "trouble," it's that I'm having way too much fun! I kind of got into "vacation" mode and I'm not really wanting to let it go. It's summer. I want to play and have fun.
So instead of staying home this weekend, cleaning house, getting myself organized, prepping for my workshops... I went and hung out with my friends at the cabins in Laguna. I'd say I feel guilty, but really, I don't. I feel like I'm actually enjoying my summer!
On Saturday we went on a hike/bike. Hiking still isn't working out so well for my foot, so I brought the mountain bike and chose to "bike" the trails that the rest of the group hiked. Josh came along for the fun and we had a blast. I was slow and nervous, but I loved every minute of it. Even the part where I had hike my bike out. Yep, made the rookie mistake of not taking extra tubes, patches or even a pump with me. (last minute switch from road bike to mountain bike, left me unorganized) We were only going to go on a "little" ride. What's the worst that could happen? ha! Our "little" ride turned into three hours!

Josh ended up riding out to the road ahead of me so he could go fetch the car, while I walked. Of course this was after we had to argue about it. :-) He wanted me to ride. Such the gentleman. I believe he called me "stubborn" as he pedaled off. Hey, it was my bike and my mistake....and he's a much faster rider than I am. I made it out to the road, rested a bit and barely started walking when he came back with the car.

The hiking group and one of their many "map stops."

Of course our journey was nothing compared to the hikers in the group. Two of the hikers wanted to get their picture taken with the cows, so they ventured off the path. Josh and I were watching from up above and I said "look Josh... all the cows just stood up at the same time!" Then he said "look at the bull scratching his foot on the ground."

Thankfully the rest of the group talked some sense into the two would be photographers and they went on their way. All was well, until they attempted to go back. Apparently the cows remembered them. They let other hikers through, but they were not going to let that crazy group through. There was a bit of a stand-off and a little charge before the hikers decided to go the other way. Of course the adventure provided lots of laughter and endless stories all weekend long. Nary a conversation went by without at least one cow reference.
I'm thinking it's not such a great idea to try and get your picture taken with a cow. This view might be a bit better.
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