Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Got Camera? and 3 Day Fun!

The 3 Day Gang! We got together to cheer for Maria (Grey Shirt) as she walked her SECOND 3 day walk! Go Maria!!!!
Got Camera? First I broke my camera and kept having to borrow Joshua's. Then Joshua washed his little camera. (Amazingly it still works, sometimes.) I suppose I could borrow his big camera but that's just way too involved for me...

And thus explains the bad photos on here lately and the lack of blog posts.
Attention Stampers/Scrapbookers... I was still stamping and dreaming and planning while I was doing without a camera. So this weekend I'll be taking some photos and getting ready for a fun little Blog Blitz!!! Which will include....12 Days of Christmas Ideas!!!!! So stay tuned!

But guess who got an early Christmas present? And, it's PINK!!! So what better way to initiate my new PINK camera, than to take pictures at the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk.

And back to my 3 day pictures!

I think I might get an 8x10 of this one to take to Michigan. Everytime my Mother-in-law tries to sell us on the whole "you should move to Michigan" thing... I'll just show her this picture of Sunset Cliffs and tell her to move back to San Diego.

Maria and her cute little family!

Here they come... the mass of walkers.....

It is truly a treat to go down and cheer on these amazing people who dedicate so much time to fundraise and train for this event. It is my hope and my prayer that their sacrifices will help us to find a cure for something that affects so many of the people we love.
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