Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a Miracle....

That I'm finally posting...hahaha!!  But seriously, Close To My Heart's National Scrapbook Month Kit is called Miracle and lucky for me, I have good friends and customers that have been playing with this cool kit!

My good friend and fellow consultant Candace, used the kit to create 12 beautiful cards, then she loaned them to me to display at my workshop.  (We all love working smarter, not harder by sharing samples!)

Tammy came to my workshop and was inspired by the cards so she used my unopened kit, ordered me a new one and created cards very similar to Candace's. 

I drew the cutting diagram on the computer and added a few instructions so that Candace and I can give the handout to everyone who purchases the Miracle kits from us.  Fun, fun, fun... (See....she did the creative stuff, I did the computer's a match made in heaven. hahaha!)

Email me or visit my website for details on how to get your own Miracle Kit.

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