Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Cycling Style

In case you didn't know... I'm kind of obsessed about bike riding.  I know, I know...shocking.  Besides the actual bike, a lot of equipment goes into the hobby/sport of cycling; a helmet, gloves, padded shorts, sunglasses, bike pump, chain cleaner, odometer and a BIKE name a few. 

I have put a ton of miles on my dear bike rack.  When I'm riding a lot, it spends weeks on my car.  In fact there have been many times that I've had a hard time getting the car washed because I had to plan it for a day when the bike rack wasn't on the car.  And since I live in California that bike rack has seen it's share of sun.

Recently the poor thing started to show it's age.  It's supposed to carry four bikes but several of the holders deteriorated from the sun and I could only carry two.  Since I've infected the entire family with the cycling bug...two bikes... doesn't work for us. 

And so I started googling replacement parts.

What?  I can't buy replacement parts?

The metal is perfect.  Why toss the whole thing.  I just need a few measly plastic parts!!!  I saw bad comments from others who have looked for replacement parts.  Dang... I'm going to have to buy a whole stinkin new bike rack?!?! 

Well I called BELL, the manufacturer...

and guess what I got in the mail yesterday????????

All new parts!!  Booyah!!  And just in time... hubby is in New Mexico, headed towards California and we have plans baby!!  Cycling plans....

So today I am thankful for a company that provides FREE replacement parts!!  Go BELL!!

And in a great little coincidence.. hop on over to Jeanette Lynton's blog (founder and CEO of Close To My Heart) because she has an amazing post today that goes with Thankful Thursday.  I love Close to My Heart and the many things we do!!
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