Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chaos and Costumes

Whew, it's been a whirlwhind around here!!  Every day I go to work, go home, walk the dog and then head to my stamp room where I'm busily cutting paper, stamping images, designing projects, using the cricut, packing kits... I'm thinking that maybe I'll be brave and take a picture of the chaos tonight.

On top of that I've been helping dream, create and design the halloween costumes for our department.  I'm hoping to finish up my prototype tonight and prep everyone else's so they can "do their homework" over the weekend.  I'd love to tell you what we're going to be, but... I can't.  We don't want the other departments to know what we're up to.  I will tell you something though... one of our "props" is music....hmmm.... (Feel free to email me and I'll tell you what we're going to be...unless you work at GCCCD or are good friends with someone who works at which case I cannot trust you because you might be a spy!)
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