Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Wall Hangings - It's an Addiction

Here are a couple more in the wall hangings series.  Hahaha... like how I made it sound all official?  A few months before Christmas I designed a Christmas wall hanging for my workshops and I had so much fun that I created a Halloween one too....and suddenly... I had committed myself to creating a new one each month.  There are some days when I think I'm crazy and I have no idea why I committed to doing it...but then I finish a new one and I'm glad. LOL.

So here's the March Wall Hanging that we'll be making on Saturday at the workshop/crop.

And... then my Aunt had a birthday so I decided she needed a special one for her stamp room.  (I actually made this a couple of weeks ago - before I got my new photo tent that fits 12 x 12 layouts!!! Hopefully this is the last crappy picture of a 12 x 12 - but I couldn't post it until I actually mailed it.  It has been received and she loves it...so now I can share it with the world.)

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