Monday, May 02, 2011

Enjoy the Ride....

While Southern California doesn't experience "winter" like most of the was pretty cold around here, and we did get enough rain to end the drought, and the days were short enough that I couldn't sneak a ride in after I spent the winter spinning at the gym....And I fell in love with it! 

While I have definately noticed that I am getting better in class, for some strange reason I was avoiding riding outside.  I thought I would be out of shape.  I was absolutely shocked at how good I felt on my first ride...and then I got a flat....and then I had to replace the tire...and then I started another ride and half a mile down the road....I got a flat....  Suddenly, I wasn't enjoying my bike so much.  I never get a flat in spin class. :-)

Well, I had my mechanic check out my bike.  The bike is fine.  Apparently I have to do a better job at avoiding glass. 

Last week, the stars aligned, my bike was fixed and it was time to start riding... and I rode and rode and rode!!!  Joshua made me go up a killer hill in the neighborhood on my first ride.  I wasn't real happy about the route choice, but when I almost made it to the top without stopping....well....I ended up thanking him.  Then Candace and I did a couple of laps at Lake Murray and then... I ventured out on my own and did a great ride down by the bay...  No flat tires and it was awesome.  I couldn't believe how good it felt and I think I might actually be in BETTER shape than I was last summer and there's only one reason why....

Spin class!!  So I had to make my favorite instructor a little card to show my gratitude.  Yes, I actually thanked her for trying to kill me every week. hahaha!

And this card is from my Super talented Aunt!!  She always makes the BEST birthday cards!!  Gee, do you think everyone knows that I have a cycling obsession????

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