Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Stamptildawn Crop

I always forget to take pictures at my crop, and truth be told, my customers are a bit camera shy. But I actually pulled out the camera a took a few pictures towards the end of this months crop. I won't identify my buddies and maybe they'll let me take more pictures next month. ;-)

Every month I bring my cricut. Occasionally someone will use it, but mostly it just sits in the corner, lonely as can be... until Art Philosophy!! Tammy saw J trying to trace one of my cards so she could make more and "ratted her out." We had to stage an intervention and teach J how to use the cricut. I don't think anyone got to talk to J the rest of the day. She was too busy cutting and cutting and cutting... I think she and the cricut are good friends now.

I put together a few little cardpacks for my card makers. The pieces were pre-cut and based on the samples I posted here, but I told them they could stamp whatever images they wanted. Here's what Tammy came up with. Aren't they adorable? She used images from the Pair-A-Phrase (Earn your own FREE Pair-A-Phrase set.  Here's a post I did about the specials this month.) set and miscellaneous sentiments from other sets. Great job Tammy!! (She always improves upon my designs!)

While I offer special projects and workshops during my crop, I also provide space for everyone to work on their own projects. Here's a little picture of someone creating 100 candy bar wrappers. We are a productive group! (If you look closely you can see the original See's Candy wrapper in the picture, the tip of a "Junk Journal" (workshop coming soon) and a little corner of the wall hanging we did this month)

My next crop/workshop is September 10th, 2011. I'll be featuring the Mischief paper pack and I have a Halloween workshop that I'll be posting soon. My workshops are located in Lakeside, CA (east side of San Diego County). See the calendar and workshop tabs above for more information.
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