Friday, March 30, 2012

Hotel Dawn

I did not fall off the face of the earth, I just spent the last couple of weeks rotating visitors through my house.  Everyone was supposed to be here at the same time, but sadly...hubby didn't make it home until after my family left.  (Hmmm...was that planned. haha!  No, he was pretty bummed about it.)

Before you start making your reservations to visit, you might want to know....the accommodations aren't all that classy!  While I offered air mattresses, these people chose the floor.  It looked like a shelter...and this wasn't the whole gang!  There's an air mattress behind the couch with another visitor sleeping.  But hey, you can't beat the price. It's pretty cheap by San Diego standards.

We did a little sight seeing in Old Town.....

We visited the food trucks in La Mesa.  Oh Devilicious, you are my fav and the crab cake sandwich was to die for!  I will be back.....

 The rest of the crew loved their Super Q choices!

Someone's San Diego wish was to take Maisy to the Beach.  Maisy was very happy to oblige and is ready for her to come back and take her again!

 I tried to take a picture of this geekiness.  (I ended up making them pose for this...)

Because when I tried to sneak up and take the picture the first time, I got this... LOL - What goofballs!

At any given point in time you could look around the room and see everyone playing with phones, laptops, kindles... The techy, geek in me is definitely genetic

And then after they left...hubby arrived.  Maisy loves it when Daddy is home.  He takes her everywhere and there are lots of lunch dates with Mommy!  She was probably very tempted to jump out that window and stay at work with me.  Sadly, no dogs allowed. 

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Lauren said...

Very cute Dawn...and love the Hello Kitty. It's just so you. :)