Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm in Love... with TUBES...again....

I am loving the new My Creations Kraft Container (Z1833 $3.95) in our current idea book because it is like a blast from the past for me.  Many years ago (geez, I don't even remember how long ago it was....), my buddy Candace got a ton of mailing tubes for an incredible deal.  So we went a little tube crazy... and then we sent a bunch of samples to CTMH and not only did they publish our artwork... they published the "article" I sent to them too!!

I still have a copy somewhere and I believe I still have a couple of decorated tubes too... I'll try to post them tomorrow.  That will be fun!!

Ok, back to business... We are calling these "tubes", Kraft Containers (but really...it's a tube, you know!)

You can decorate these to go with any theme or occasion.  Use them to store little odds and ends on your desk or dresser or....create a fun gift!

Birthday - put a balloon, candle, some goodies, etc and give it as a birthday gift
Easter - I'm sure this thing will hold lots of yummy Easter goodies!!!
Mother's Day - pamper your Mama and put some lotion, bath salts and a gift card inside
Father's Day - Yep, a tie will fit in there.  But I'm sure you could be a little more imaginative than that.

The ideas are ENDLESS!!!

Let's build a list.  Leave a comment with an idea of what you would stuff inside.  They are about 3 inches wide and 6 inches tall....
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