Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Create Your Own Custom Rainbow Pad for your Unicorn

There are some stamps, like this adorable Unicorn from the Little Dreamer stamp set, that just need to be stamped on a rainbow pad.  Shouldn't all unicorns be colored like the rainbow?  

Today I'm going to share a fun tutorial on how to create your own rainbow pad.  

Step One:
Choose the colors for your project.

Step Two: Place 3-4 folded baby wipes on a plate or tray.  Gently squeeze reinker bottle to dispense ink.  Place the colors in the order you like.  A good rule of thumb is to start with the lightest color and build up to the darkest color.

Step Three: 
Place the stamp across the colors at the angle you prefer.   Tap up and down to completely ink up the stamp.  As you tap up and down you may want to slightly move the stamp on the pad so that the colors blend and you don't have a harsh line between colors.

Step Four:
Stamp your image and add to your project!

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