Monday, July 17, 2006

One Crazy Family

My family likes to say that I am the strange one. They act as if all bizarre conversations are my fault. Hubby says he was normal before he married me, but I have rubbed off on him. I say they are all weird. Perhaps I helped them get in touch with the weird that is within, but honey, I can't teach this........

Random car conversations..... Act I

Hubby: Ahh, poor dead squirrel
Son: How do you know he was poor?
Hubby: He was skinny.
Son: How do you know he wasn't Rich and anorexic? You don't say poor actress when you see a skinny anorexic actress.

Many miles later.......

Random car conversations....Act II

Hubby: Ahhh, another dead squirrel. I won't say poor because I don't want to get into another argument about his financial status.

Now, back to my argument. Their weird and my weird are very different. They have random bizarre conversations where they argue about stupid things. These conversations can go on forever, or maybe it just feels like forever when you get stuck in one. Me? I wouldn't have argued about the squirrel's financial status. I probably would've told you his name and how disappointed and sad the rest of the family was. In fact, I'm sure the second squirrel was a relative that just couldn't bare to live now that the first squirrel was gone.

We have plenty of time for these conversations and a never-ending supply of things to talk about every weekend as we drive back and forth to scout camp. I think there must be a million squirrels along the way. This weeks favorite was the squirrel that sat in the middle of the lane, eating. He did not move. At the last second Josh swerved to miss the squirrel, who still sat there eating. He finally moved before the big truck behind us got to him. I'm not sure about that one. Dumb or Courageous.....

Then there are the cows..... I don't know how many times I went zipping past them on the dirt road, but one time I caught them walking across the road. Now I look for them every time I drive in. They hide. They lurk in the shadows of the trees and watch all the cars go by. I think I saw them the first time because I came in much later in the day (that would be the day the child forgot his laundry at home. I made the trip twice that day....) I fooled them and they didn't expect my car to come by. Well this week they were right next to the road. So close that Rick thought he could just step out of the car and pet them. I didn't know cows could move so fast. Of course Rick thinks it was the car door that scared them...

Hmmmm what's scarier....

the sound of a car door


a big guy jumping out of the car to pet you.

I'm with the cows. I'd take off too.
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