Monday, July 31, 2006

Peaceful times

One would think that I didn't post all week because I was busy handling another major catastrophe in my life. Nope. I was just enjoying peace and solitude and they aren't very exciting to write about.

So here's the deal. It's either chaos and tons to write, or peace and nothing to say.

I've been channeling fly lady and de-cluttering my house and (hanging head in shame) I've gone back to (gasp) carrying an organizer again. Yes I know I have a beautiful palm pilot. I love my palm. It is wonderful. It holds all my addresses and phone numbers and to do lists and I will love it forever but it is just not working for my new callings at church.

I get handed pieces of papers, flyers, notes and all sorts of stuff that just has to be included in the bulletin. I have lists of youth speakers and lists of lessons and well it was making me crazy. So I unearthed my cute plaid zip up organizer and made little tabs for each of the auxiliaries and I'm attempting to take control of the paper. (So far it is working out nicely, I just need to let go of the palm pilot guilt.)

And... I finally took inventory of all my cute little knitted squares from class. I made a list of all the squares and put check marks next to the ones that were done and found out I had 19 more squares to go... wahhh.... I so thought I had less than that. It's ok. Half the battle is admitting where you are. It got me motivated and I've finished three squares since I took inventory and I should finish a fourth tonight.

Hubby was in Indiana last time I talked to him, with a truck load of frozen strawberries and fruit cups. He will officially have enough hours to finish training tomorrow. Woo Hoo! Next, he has to drive with another new driver for 30 days and then he'll finally get his own truck....
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