Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My People

Ok, so I was reading Cathy Zielske’s blog (thank goodness she’s writing again) and I was reminded once more, why scrapbookers are my people. I’m not quite as cool as Cathy but here are a few things I’ve noticed that we have in common

Techy – love all the techy gadgets. And while I thought I had left the mac world behind about 8 years ago, a macbook has recently taken up residence in our home. It’s not mine, but sometimes I get to carry it and pretend it’s mine. I even got to use it the other day while we were sitting in urgent care. I’m trying to play it cool though. The child doesn’t know that I covet his macbook. If he knew, he’d use it against me and try to bargain with it. If I pretend to be aloof and all into the pc world, he might continue to try and convert me.

Music – Love the same kind of music, except I have a piece missing in my brain. It’s the place where most people remember the names of songs and bands. I seem to store random phone numbers there instead. Go ahead, ask me some random phone number of a friend that I called once. It’s scary. Yesterday while we were stamping Bren asked for Anita’s number. I knew it. Of course, we still had to look it up to be sure. I’m not always sure that the number that pops into my head is correct.

The child knows about this freaky little quirk and loves to tell me numbers that I don’t want to remember. I could be mad at him, but somehow I think his sick sense of humor might be the result of genetics.

Pet Names – I loved the letter from Chip to his owners. My family thinks I’m the only strange one that can speak for animals. As if that wasn’t funny enough there was the very end of the letter…
p.s. they are coming up with silly nicknames for me, like, "Chip dip dippity do" and "Chippy McScratchy". HELP!
Did you know we have a hamster named peanut? Peanut brittle, peanut butter, little nut…. We used to have a hamster named Dixie; Dixie doodle, Dixie cup, whistlin Dixie..

Oh yes….scrapbookers are my people. Or maybe it’s bloggers? At least I know I’m not alone in my craziness. If only I could play it off as “cool” like Cathy.
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