Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why I missed knitting....again....

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes things just aren't meant to be?

All last year we did the major shuffle to get everyone where they needed to be on Tuesday nights. Scouts started at 7pm, knitting started at 6:30pm and then there was the semester when the scouts took missionary prep class that started at 6:00pm. It was crazy, but somehow we got where we needed to be.

Imagine my excitment when I found out that all the youth activities at church were being moved to Wednesdays! Woo Hoo. No more crazy Tuesday nights. I could go to knitting in peace. I wouldn't be rushed. Life was good.

There have been three classes so far and I have been to 1.

Last week was no big deal. Josh's soccer game was away and they got back late.

Here's a picture to explain why I didn't go this week.

Of course we took pictures. The gauze hids a pretty nasty gash ...(I have pictures of it too!) that wouldn't stop bleeding....thus the gauze... We have to keep hubby in the loop, right? If he can't be there to see all the fun, he can at least see pictures. A guy with the patient next door kept saying "was that a camera going off." He sounded a bit annoyed. I can't believe he couldn't hear us talking about taking pictures. I figure it was his way of expressing his opinion about how stupid it was. Oh well. I know Rick will want to see all the details of the fun he's missing while he's gone. He'll probably be disappointed that I didn't film the actual stitches, but even I won't go that far....

Rather than write a novel, I'll just share a list of fun little tidbits.

1) A foot with cleats connected with his knee - 5 stiches and the gash was pretty nasty!

2) 4 hours in the emergency room. His stay was lengthened when he tried to pass out the first time we were released. Pain, starvation and getting up too fast made him a bit woozy.

3) I filled in for hubby nicely. I didn't get quite the same joy out of watching the whole process, but I did pretty good. I watched most of the gross parts and just glanced down at my book when it got to be too much.

4) So glad I'm not the mom of the kid with the broken collar bone that was screaming a few beds down. He was sleeping when we saw him later. Morphine...ahhh... the peace it brings.

5) A few days on crutches, 14 days until the stitches come out and then he should be able to play again. I wonder if that means I'll be able to go to knitting for a couple of weeks?

Here's a picture of what I would've worked on in class. Someday this blanket might be bigger than a lap blanket.

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