Thursday, September 13, 2007

Got Shoes?

I'm feeling like a new woman today! I have flat feet. I'm not talking semi-fallen arches. I'm talking flat duck feet. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been jealous of all the cute footprints everyone else left when they got out of the pool. Not only do flat feet leave ugly fat prints on the ground, but they are extremely painful. I cannot tell you how many times my mom told me I sounded like an old lady because I was always complaining about my feet hurting.

We tried everything. I wore Dr. Scholls shoes because they were supposed to exercise your feet. They gave me foot cramps. I can pick up quarters and small objects with my toes (supposed to strengthen your arches). I've worn shoes with high arches and shoes with no arches. I've tried learning to stand in mountain pose when standing in line (does help to some extent.) But really nothing helps.

So when you take flat feet, overweight, add some walking and a day in some really cute little oxfords you get heel pain. That was a couple of months ago. The shoes were comfy. It was the end of the day before I figured out the damage.

Since then I have taken ibuprofen. I've done the stretches. I've tried not to go barefoot. . I have an ice pack in the freezer at work so I can ice my foot under my desk. It kept getting almost better, then it would flare up again. Finally I realized my new running shoes were part of the problem so I went back to my trusty Nikes.

Yesterday I hobbled over to a coworkers desk and she kind of gave me a funny look. I said "You can always tell when I've had a good long walk in the morning because I can't walk the rest of the day."

Then we had a great conversation which ended with me taking possession of a new pair of shoes. These poor shoes were handed around. Someone bought the wrong size, passed them on and then they were passed to me and they fit me perfectly! I was a little leery. The arches were a bit high. If I was shopping I wouldn't have bought them... but let me tell you.... they are absolute heaven!

Who would've thought a girl could be so happy over a pair of shoes?

Now maybe I won't be so tired and sore every night that I'll be able to stamp. Did I say stamp? Hmmmmm.....
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