Thursday, September 06, 2007

So much for dating the posts

Ok so the last post was really from Friday August 31, 2007, even though it says Tuesday September 4, 2007.

I wrote it last week, but had to attach the pictures before I posted it. Blogger has this little place where you can click "post options." I put the right date in. Imagine my surprise when it didn't display it. So much for back-dating some posts to get things caught up. I guess I'll do a quick little update post here.

The weekend was HOT! Not just HOT, but miserable HOT. Have I mentioned that we don't have a/c? Have I mentioned that we usually use a swamp cooler? The only time a swamp cooler doesn't work is when it's too thinks the rain we got on Friday might be a clue as to how humid it was.

I had planned to spend the long holiday weekend cleaning and stamping. My house is a disaster and I need to take control!! Instead of cleaning and stamping, we spent the weekend devising ways to stay cool.

Saturday - We headed to the mall along with the rest of East County and went to the movies. We finally saw the latest Harry Potter movie. I loved it, but I really loved the nice cool movie theater!

Sunday - Church was packed! Even the overflow was full. I guess heat and holidays bring out those who normally would rather stay home :-) I'm not complaining! I love seeing the chapel that full.

After church we went to Candaces and enjoyed the pool and the a/c!! The plan was to stamp, but I just couldn't focus. Even with the a/c on the scrapbook room was a little warm...why not swim instead?

Monday - Ok it's time to focus! I must clean my house!!! After meeting Laura for a walk around the lake at 6:30am, I came home and decided I was going to clean until I just couldn't take it anymore. I got quite a bit done and then hopped in a nice cold shower and then headed off to the a/c at Supercuts for a haircut.

The kids from church had planned to get together, but it started to sound like the plans were going to fall through so we headed to the mall for another movie. As soon as we got there the phone rang and the party was on. I dropped Josh and a couple other boys off at the party and headed back the heat infested house....

I was just a little happy when one of the girls called my cell phone and said I needed to come to the party. Sometimes I just love those girls!!! It's nice to know they enjoy having me around....and there was a/c. :-P
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