Thursday, September 27, 2007

Morning Walk

I tried to go back to sleep this morning. I was in the car. I had my pillow and my blanket and Laura wasn't there. I sat there for about 10 minutes before I decided that I really wasn't that tired. I was just being lazy, so I got out of the car and started walking. I forgot my ipod on the first lap around the parking lot so I got to listen the rooster wake up. Since I firmly believe that I can talk to all animals, whether or not they are within earshot, I kind of mocked him and said "Ha, I was up before you were." Sad thing is I'll probably stay up later than he will too. Lucky Rooster!
The moon has been big and gorgeous the last couple of days.... Today I finally decided to take a quick picture. The picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. I think I waited too long to go get my camera out of the car.
On the other side of the building the sun was coming up and turning the clouds red.
I'm really glad I got out of the car. The air was crisp and cool. The views were beautiful. And I earned 2 activity points :-)
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