Friday, October 28, 2011

CTMH Paper Hearts Team

One of the best things about being a Close To My Heart consultant, is the relationships you build with your customers, fellow consultants and team members!  Now that I've been a consultant for over 16 years, I have built some wonderful friendships with consultants from all over North America and every once in a while we get to gather together in the same room......

On Saturday, October 15th,  Bren Yule and Close To My Heart hosted an event called Leadershare.  We were treated to presentations from CTMH corporate staff and several local consultants, including yours truly.  You may have seen my silly video I posted here.

My upline, Bren Yule, was the local hostess for the event and you could see her little touches all over the room.  She truly made the day special.  She even set up a fun little photo booth area.  Of course we had to take a few pictures.

Sadly, my team member Lauren isn't in any of the pictures.  She was the one that reminded us to go do it...and then she had to leave before we were able to.  We may have to have a make-up picture day!

Patti, Dawn, Patti and Patty

How funny is that!!!  I actually have 3 darling Patty's (Patti's) on my team!!!  

You know...there's still a couple of days left on the consultant special!!  I have two more Paper Hearts team shirts that I'd love to give away.  And if your name is Patty or Patti, I just know this is the team you're meant to join.  If your name isn't Patty or Patti, we have room for you too!!  At least the whole room won't turn around when I say your name. 

My buddy (partner in crime) Candace posed with me too.  You gotta watch out when the two of us are together.  We are nothing but trouble!

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