Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Blog Song...

I had the amazing opportunity to do a presentation on Blogging at Close To My Heart's San Diego Leadershare yesterday. I was so excited to talk about blogging!!! I've been saving it all up for 10 years. hahaha! There was a point when all my friends thought I was a little weird because I "blogged." I can't lie. I kind of love the fact that now they are asking me for tips so they can start their own blogs.

I got a little crazy when I was preparing my presentation and I sent my manager, Bren Yule, the following text message..

"You know what would be really cute...a blog song a la the mom song...listing all the things you could blog about."

Sometimes I should just stop and think before I say (write) things like that!!

So here are my suggestions before you watch the video
  • I know I can't sing.
  • If you focus on the words written below me, it kind of keeps you from concentrating on how dorky I look. 
  • I promise, it's the last time I'll sing on a video.
  • These blogging tips are geared towards CTMH consultants and not "blogging" in general so you may disagree with my suggestions and I know they go against some of the "norm" for regular blogging. 

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