Thursday, October 27, 2011

Digi Scrapping the Studio J way

I know the words "digi scrapping" just struck fear into the hearts of more than a few of my customers.  Have no fear!!!  Just take a moment to read my series of posts and see what I have to share.  It just might be easier than you think. (I was surprised at just how easy!!!!)

Ok - so this is post number 1 in my Studio J series.  I'm going to give you little bits and pieces to slowly introduce you to all the amazing things that Close To My Heart's Studio J can do.  If you're a "techy" girl (or guy!) I'm sure you'll take one look and fall in love...the rest of you...  I'm sure you'll love it too, but we'll take our time and learn and explore together.

Here are a few reasons why I think you should try Studio J

  1. You do not have to load any software on your computer!!  Just visit our Studio J website.
  2. The software is absolutely FREE to use and you NEVER have to update!!
  3. You never have to buy packages of digital images or paper.  Every pattern and every sticker is included.  (There are additional items available to members...but we'll talk about that later.)
  4. Retired paper pack prints are still available on Studio J.
  5. Patterns from our fabulous scrapbooking programs are included so you don't have to come up with your own design.  Just click a button and then customize to your hearts content.
  6. Just wait until you see what we can do with the jpg images of your pages (jpg's are available for purchase but they are FREE for members!)
  7. On vacation, want to scrapbook?  No need to bring any materials with you!  Just a laptop and an internet connection.
  8. Quick and easy way to catch up on your scrapbooking.
  9. You can change the color of any patterned paper to match your pictures or theme!!
  10. Prefer to scrap the old fashioned way?  Design your page on the computer and then copy it with real paper and embellishments.  (Great way to see how patterns look together, etc.)

Want to see a couple of samples?  Here are the first two layouts I made with Studio J.

Ready to take a look for yourself?  Visit my website and see what you think of Studio J

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