Friday, January 28, 2005


Ok, so I'm not manic depressive.... but yet I have these times in my life when I want to do it all, and somehow I think I actually can. Only, I can't. It's only upon further reflection that I find the things I'm not doing. Most of the times they are all those things we don't really want to do anyway. You know cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking... blech!

So let's take a little tour through my crowded mind, shall we...

1) There is the Hello Kitty obsession. I want to knit it all. I only say knit because I haven't received my crochet patterns yet. I sent off some nylon yarn in trade for some adorable patterns from Daphne Mah and as soon as those arrive I'm sure I'll be crocheting up a storm.

2) Next up is my website. It's basically a template provided by the company. I can change some of the pictures, upload my own artwork and put my workshops and parties on the calendar. I'm sure the darling IT guys had one thing in mind, but me, well I just have to have it MY way...

So I'm quickly discovering what I can and can't do.

No space to record monthly specials??? Ha! I just recorded them as events on my calendar.

No links to the stamp of the month artwork??? Well I just put links in my descriptions of the artwork.

Errors??? Well I am the error finding queen. I test the limits, I find the issues, I email the support team. Man I bet they're sick of hearing from me. I think they should pay me, don't you??

3) Personal Stamping and Scrapbooking... oh my! I have sooo many cool ideas floating around my head. I want to work on my submissions to teach for convention. I want to make some cards. I want to scrapbook my grand canyon pictures... I want to play with the Makin Clay (my latest stampin obsession)

And so what am I missing??
Oh, well I haven't been to the gym in a week (the tooth throbbing thing has a lot to do with that..increased heart rate...increased pain..hmmmmm)
Housework? - Isn't that what hubby is for?
Spiritual journey? - Nope, haven't been giving that due attention either....

Balance... I must achieve balance... hmmmmm..... hmmmmmm.......
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