Monday, January 24, 2005

Tooth Troubles

My wisdom tooth that was never supposed to come in, but decided to anyway, has now decided to cause extreme pain. I've been sort of pre-occupied with it the last few days, but I finally got into a dentist today and I'm armed with antibiotics and tylenol with codeine. The emergency dentist I saw today, as opposed to the normal dentist who is out of town, said the darling tooth MUST be removed. Gee, it makes me wonder about my regular dentist, who may very well become, my previous dentist, who said.... don't worry about it. Hmmmm... I saw the xray myself. You just have to wonder sometimes. I've had a ton of work done on my teeth. I wore braces for years. I have beautiful teeth... why oh why would a dentist tell you to leave a wisdom tooth in that there is obviously not enough room for??? I was not too happy when I saw how much it has shifted my teeth!!

Knitting: I finished all my homework this weekend and I'm almost done knitting the first part of some kind of holder. (I wasn't there last week, but I guess it's supposed to hold the stitch counter, cable thing etc. All I was told was to cast on 35 stitches with worsted weight yarn on size 8 needles and...knit, knit, knit until I have a square and bind off.)

I'm planning to take pictures of all my homework tonight. Maybe I can figure out how to post them tomorrow. I also want to figure out how to add things to the sidebar's on the web page...

Stamping: I made about 7 new cards, that I need to take pictures of as well.

Well hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. The dentist said once the antibiotics kick in my pain should start to diminish.
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